Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips


One of the most common bedroom ideas is painting the walls and then painting the curtains a color that contrasts the walls. This is a popular choice for master bedroom suites, as it gives the room a very warm feel, not unlike the warmth that you might feel at a country ranch. Another popular bedroom decorating idea is putting up a screen which runs along the top of the ceiling, giving the illusion of a second ceiling. This gives the illusion of additional space and can make the master bedroom suite look larger than it is.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Nightstands and Table Lamps There are many ways to incorporate a nightstand into your bedroom decorating. Instead of having a nightstand with a single lamp, you can incorporate two nightstands with one lamp each. This can give your room a much better look than a single lamp, simply because it will create an illusion of having more space. One way to do this is by getting an egg shape table lamp. This egg shaped lamps blend well with the overall bedroom look and since they have a lampshade on each side, it actually creates an illusion of having more room than you actually do.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Rugs One of the best parts of a bedroom is the rug. You can get both comforters and bed covers with a rug built right in. This is especially useful if you're trying to create an illusion of a larger room by using a comforter on one side and a bed on the other. It's also a good idea to use a nice rug underneath the bed because it will prevent the sheets from slipping off. Bedroom decorating ideas for bedroom rugs are virtually endless.

Master Bedroom Suite Another key element in bedroom design is the bed itself. A bedroom suite usually consists of a master dresser, a nightstand, and at least one desk. The furniture in your master bedroom suite should match the decorative details of your bedroom. If there's not a lot of decorative detail, then you can try to paint one of your master bedroom suites with a bold color so it will stand out.

Other Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas You can find some great master bedroom decorating ideas by just looking around. Look through some magazines and books for ideas and look online for some online galleries that display beautiful beds and nightstands. Look for throw pillows that match the decor in your bedroom. You can throw pillows everywhere that will make your room feel cozy and warm.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Nightstands If you have a small sitting area in your bedroom, you can enhance that space by adding nightstands or coffee tables. These can be placed beside a desk or even in front of the bed. If you don't have room for a nightstand, a daybed may work well in that space. Daybeds don't have a foot rest, so they're perfect to place by a window. Place one side of a daybed against the wall behind your bed and use throw pillows on the other side for just a touch of luxury.


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